the dog that ate my shoes

omg omg omg omg thats is really all i can say say say say ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

my favorite dog ate my favorite shoes!!!! there from areo and there blak and white smears with bright bright bright bright yellow on the straps. 1 of them looked the same but then the other one was all torn at the back and i was soooo mad i wanted to just scream ( well acually my mom told me) but instead i just cried for 5 ( minutes ) and starded bloggin:):):)!!!! but i have great news… 1 of my fave bandz is playing at JAZZ FEST. the reason why i capitallized it iz cuse im gonna be THERE my mom likes them too so shez gonna stay at the concert with me YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!


do the HARLEM SHAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!

do the HARLEM SHAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blue t shirt

Red tee
$15 – chiarafashion.co.uk


Tamara Barnoff spandex legging
$88 – ourstyle.hu

Short shorts

Printed pants
$6.17 – missrebel.co.uk

O.X.S. o x s boots
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FAIR true fair true
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Untitled #273

Untitled #273

Michael Kors stripe sweater
$1,160 – harrods.com

Merino hoodie

Union jack t shirt
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River island
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Balmain printed skinny jeans
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Balmain floral print jeans
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Marc by Marc Jacobs hi top shoes
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Neon sneaker

Lace booties
$34 – debenhams.com


OMG!!!! i just got this great idea. i going to do the… HARLEM SHAKE!!! im doing it when i go to jazz fest sooooo itz going to be the best. tell your friendz



all of u wonderful people may think wow all she ever talks about is fashion but ive changed that. this is real life and itz called bullying. its happening right now to me. heres my story> so ive got lots of friends in 5th grade. actuly ive got hold on 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,ok you get the point. but theres one person that i shall not name. me and him knew each other sence like pre-k and then he left my old shcool and then after that i was homeschooled then i went to this awsome school call woodfeild acadamy. so he goes there know. soo his best bud has a crush on me and soo he pays me alot of attention. so that guy starded bullying me ( not the guy who likes me) and it got worse. about two dayz ago i came in and the two were there and ya know i waz just being awsome and then thay starded whispering some stuff that i shall not repeat and then that guy came up to me and said rainbows are for gay people you well a word that insults gay people. then i called him that word and then we starded cursing at each other then that was over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment on what i should do that would make a BIG differance. thx


Untitled #272

Untitled #272

Cocktail prom dress

Pull Bear pull bear
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Black tank top
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Rich Royal rich royal
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High waisted shorts
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Pull Bear pull bear
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H by Hudson real leather boots
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Converse shoes

Valentino glove