MoViE ReViEw

K so thiz is not really a like movie review but it is so lemme tell u what relley happend : we were gettin up and then we met these relly cool people who were r nebors and so they took us on a tour ov there house and then we went on a walk a long long long long walk!!!!! After I mean in the walk and I don’t care if it ruins yo biz but it could have ruined me but my sweet lovin kind 63 year old dad fell over a stupid pot holder in front of the occasional wife and then I found out what this store does organize !! And the only thang this place organized was hell!!!! And I don’t or am not allowed to curse but my dad could have cracked his skull open and DIED and I would have sued y’all so in your little faces!!! But don’t worry we moved the thang back then my aunt took a photo ov it then put it back!!!! Look I’m a 11 year old so if my dad died I may not have been able to sew them but my aunt ( who took the photo ) sure did and I’m glad!!!:):) but so after that these kind people went up to help my dad I’ll get the name of the store later but OMG thay were the nicest people ever so eat there it is a little Indian restaurant on magizene street next to the oversized wife ( said that on purpose ) but after my dadz bruses and scarz got all better it was pourin down rain and I mean pourin down so the restaurant called a cab but it never showed ( it was the cabz fault not the awsome restaurantz ) so we waited for like an hour and then we started to walk and we were soakin wet and wen we got a cab these awful women who were dry and had an umbrella took our cab and so when we did make it home ( long story ) I saw a movie called the boy in the striped pajamas and ill tell y’all that later


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